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Kingsbrite Company Limited  was established in 1994, beginning withlimited partnership whichhas accumulated more than 50 years of experience in polishing work, supplying polishing equipment and plating solutionsBy importing from abroadLater started to produce Bar Compounds using technology from Japan. And later increased the production of various types of polishing cloth wheels(Conventional Buffs),

then  KingsBrite Company Limited  Have the opportunity to apply technology in various polishing industriesAnd production of JacksonLea, USA, which is a well-known company in this type of business .This business partnership led to the name of KB JacksonLea (South East Asia) in January 2003 with the objective to raise production. And develop capabilities To support the development of polishing industry activities And decorating the metal surface And all types of non-ferrous metals (Mechanical Surface Finishing) in terms of products, production, service and technology support for various polishing industries As well as providing advice and suggestions for various polishing operators Both at home and abroad In Southeast Asia To increase work management potentialMerged with King Bright Company Limited and KB Jackson Lee Company Limited (SEA) on January 28, 2008, with a production facility in Wang Noi District, Chiang Mai Province. Ayutthaya To support business growth and business expansion To lead the product development process and standardized technology Along with the production development Liquid Compounds and expand the polishing market with new products By increasing production capacity to support the continuously growing industry.

At present,  Kings Brite Company Limited  is a complete polishing specialist. By focusing on the skin condition of the workpiece in every stepAnd all systems and the company remains committed to developing products for various polishing By selecting only quality products and providing complete technical services So that customers can produce various pieces of work With the highest quality at the right cost, so the company is ready to stay behind and cooperate with customers To advance to the highest success Under the heart of the service "Pay attention to customers, deliver on time, develop quality and efficiency to the international level"

Business type

Is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial products, materials, equipment, machines for polishing Decoration - Surface treatment of metal workpieces And all kinds of non-metals as follows

  • Abrasive powder
  • Synthetic fiber polishing material
  • Different types of polishing wheels
  • Polishing products, felt, cloth, jute
  • Polishers (both stick and liquid)
  • Sandpaper, sand cloth, sand belt
  • Automatic polishing machine, belt sander, polishing tool
  • All kinds of devices

Also providing advice and recommendations About polishing work to improve product quality and the most suitable polishing process for each customer. Which have different needs As well as to control the polishing costs per piece of every customer as well

  • Registered capital 10, 480,000 baht
  • Factory area 6,400 sq.m. / Storage area 1,600 sq.m.
  • Number of employees 230 people
  • 1994 Kingbright Company Limited was established, starting from Chiam Heng Chemical LP Over 50 years of experience in polishing
  • 2003 KB Jackson Lee (SEA) Company Limited was established with the support of industrial polishing technology from Jackson Lee Company, USA Limited.
  • 2008 Merger of King Bright Company Limited and KB Jackson Lee Company (SEA) Limited on January 28, 2008 to increase efficiency in management with more complete quality.

Production capacity

  • The polishes (sticks and liquids) averaged about 200 tons per month.
  • The average cloth wheel is around 20,000 pieces per month.

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