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KingsBrite Co., Ltd. founded in 1994, start as a trading company. The experience gained on surface finishing more than 50 years distributing equipment/tools and materials for polishing for metal finishing industry gained a respected reputation among Thailand's best suppliers for professional tools. Being the major distributor of imported products for many years, the company started to produce own polishing compound (solid type) in 1996.

Then, KingsBrite Co., Ltd.,  engaged in the improvement of the production process and added-in many new production equipment to increase capacity and improve the quality of products as well as starting new product manufacturing. In 2008 the acquisition of the popular Italian brand GRIT (abrasive flap wheels) from the famous leader of surface finishing treatments METALFINISHING SRL (machine for any surface treatments) give the technology and capacity to manufacture the high-quality abrasives professional tools the Asia market start to understand and require. 

Under the co-operation of many partners around the world, the company gained and established a solid background of polishing know-how to support its customers in various areas regarding mechanical surface finishing works. Due to the close relationship with the Italian company KB gain the knowledge and the know-how to develop machinery and products line with the highest standard in the world. The main objective is to support the development of the growing industrial category of Polishing and Grinding as well as the decorative finishing on metal and non-metal.


We serve end-user with a high passion and professional goal about surface finishing. Through our specialized technical department and distributors worldwide. We make their lives easier to sell products that are known for years but still not completely understood.  Product with an easy recognizable brand, packaging, and information with great service and sharable expertise. Our customers serve our professional product line from manufacturers or simple home users. We help beginners, artists, students, hobbyists, and Technical departments, specific industry, in every market such as wood, metals, plastic, and glass everywhere need a perfect finish surface.

Our mission?  To help them in every way so that they can sell products with no doubt on quality but also easier to sell and use thanks to our available knowledge, videos, brochure, documents, and seminar. We wish to support them. Because our customers need to keep creating, test, working, innovate, building their businesses with our support.

How? You ask and we give you all the answers necessary to sell, use, manage, and promote our product.

Which means documentations, test, video, or a representative can talk to you directly. And if our customer representatives don't have the answer, our Technical Support team will—or will know just where to find it. We combine our surface finishing industry experience with the best of the expertise acknowledge in these years just for you, we provide an unrivaled level of information, support, and advice. From Shipping and Manufacturing to Information Systems and Marketing, we all work together every day with the same vision: give you the best surface finishing professional tools you ever used.

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