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Kings Brite Co., Ltd. founded in 1994, starting from. Partnership Limited. The experience gained on finishing more than 50 years distributing equipments/tools and materials for polishing as well as chemical plating for metal finishing industry.   Being the major distributor of imported products for many years, the company started to produce its own polishing compound (solid type) in 1966.  

Then, Kings Brite Co., Ltd. engaged in improvement of its production process and added-in many new production equipments to increase its capacity and improved its products’ quality as well as starting new products manufacturing.  Under the co-operation of its partners around the world, the company gained and established a solid background of polishing know-how to support its customers in various areas regarding mechanical surface finishing works.  The main objective was to support the development of the growing industrial category of Polishing and Grinding as well as the decorative finishing on metal and non-metal.

Today, Kings Brite Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive expert for polishing materials supply for mechanical surface finishing industry.  Emphasizing on each application at every working step, the company should be able to give solution for better performance increasing productivity, improve the work piece’s quality, and save the polishing cost for customers.  And the company remains committed to developing of its products of own produced as well as for searching the new technology products to serve the customers in all area. 

The highest quality at reasonable costs is under the company’s fundamental behind and it is ready to co-operate with customers for success. The company’s motto is “To step up to success under the essential services, customer care, timely delivery, quality and efficiency concerned toward international level." 

Type of Business.
KB is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial supplies, equipment, machines for mechanical surface finishing-surface preparation/conditioning as well as the decorative finishing.  Our main product are as follows:

  • Emery Abrasives
  • Bar and Liquid Compounds
  • Non-woven Abrasives
  • Abrasive polishing materials, cloth sand, sand belts.
  • Polishing Wheels ; Conventional and Bias buffs 
  • Automatic polishing machine, polishing machine belt sand 
  • Product polishing felt, fabric, Sisal
  • All equipment. 

It also provides consultative working with customers regarding the finishing process to improve work pieces’ quality and to reduce customers’ polishing cost.  We work together with customers to find out the solution for top performance on polishing efficiency as well as to improve customers’ work pieces’ quality at the same time.
Capital:  10, 480,000 Baht


Business founded in 1994 by Kings Brite Co., Ltd. originated from Kiam Heng Chemical Limited Partnership
with the accumulated experience in polishing materials supplier business for more than 50 years. Area of 6,400 square meters of factory / warehouse storage area 1,600 sq.m. Number of employees: 230 people.


  • Polishing/Abrasive compounds (liquid and solid type) in approximately 200 tones per month.
  • Polishing Wheel (various types) at the average of approximately 20,000 pieces per month

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