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FINTEC 131 : Grinding Machine For Welded Edges

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SUPRA GRIT รุ่น CLM-01 เครื่องขัดท่อกลม (ตรง)

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DM1100 ZC are metal deburring and edge rounding machines for metal sheet and parts cut by punching shearing, laser or plasma. Removing burrs and creating round edges using abrasive belt and cross belts. Which support on parts up to 1100x100 mm. width and on some as small as 50x50 mm. The Inside and outside contours of product make from stainless steel, steel and aluminum parts cut by laser or other thermal processes are burrs cleaned from the total surface.

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เหมาะกับชิ้นงาน เหล็ก สแตนเลส สำหรับงาน

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