KingsBrite Co., Ltd. founded in 1994, start as a trading company. The experience gained on surface finishing more than 50 years distributing equipment/tools and materials for polishing for metal finishing industry gained a respected reputation among Thailand's best suppliers for professional tools. Being the major distributor of imported products for many years, the company started to produce own polishing compound (solid type) in 1966

Then, KingsBrite Co., Ltd. engaged in the improvement of the production process and added-in many new production equipment to increase capacity and improve the quality of products as well as starting new product manufacturing.

   Search & Development

In 2008 the acquisition of the popular Italian brand GRIT (abrasive flap wheels) from the famous leader of surface finishing treatments METALFINISHING SRL (machine for any surface treatments) give the technology and capacity to manufacture the high-quality abrasives professional tools the Asia market start to understand and require.

    Business Partnership

Under the co-operation of many partners around the world, the company gained and established a solid background of polishing know-how to support its customers in various areas regarding mechanical surface finishing works. Due to the close relationship with the International company KB gain the knowledge and the know-how to develop machinery and products line with the highest standard in the world. The main objective is to support the development of the growing industrial category of Polishing and Grinding as well as the decorative finishing on metal and non-metal.






We help to shape from beginner to pro.

At Kingsbrite, we believe surface finishing need professional tools to make great products. In the digital age, where you can buy anything online, at any price, this is a difficult concept to explain. We remain committed to manufacture products with high-quality standards and let anyone who has ever picked up beautiful metal objects understand the difference between poor and high-quality surface finishing. We believe every artist, beginner or passionate, can succeed and become a pro, no matter material or surface. But to do this, you need professional tools. We are born and grow to support the End-user, the reseller and distributors, who share this quality vision. 

Why is Kingsbrite not like the others ?

Because we know how much your work is essential for you. After many years everybody knows that the perfect surface is more than shiny. It is a form of art. It's based on everyone history, and there is a story behind it. Every object you make becomes a piece of this history, say something about you by itself. As "we have your back" in your own story as a surface finishing, we work as support, and we are proud to give you our best product to do that.


We serve end-user with a high passion and professional goal about surface finishing. Through our specialized technical department and distributors worldwide. We make their lives easier to sell products that are known for years but still not completely understood. Product with an easy recognizable brand, packaging, and information with great service and sharable expertise.

Our customers serve our professional product line from manufacturers or simple home users. We help beginners, artists, students, hobbyists, and Technical departments, specific industry, in every market such as wood, metals, plastic, and glass everywhere need a perfect
finish surface.

Grit has specialised in the manufacture of standard flexible abrasive & customized products for surface finishing. We OEM manufacture and convert a wide range of specialised products used in metal,plastic, wood industrial sectors.

We serve jewelers, metalsmiths, and manufacturers through our specialized distributors.Our customers serve our professional product line to manufacturers and designers but also metalsmiths beginner, artist, students and hobbyists. we develops and produces polishing pastes for the industrial processing of many different surfaces. A wide range of products is manufacturer for  metal,plastic industries and applications and industry-specific polishing solutions: For the automated production lines , automotive,aerospace and marine sector.

We serve jewelers, metalsmiths, and manufacturers through our specialized distributors. Our customers serve our professional product line to manufacturers and designers but also metalsmiths beginner, artist, students and hobbyists.

Our company specialized in production of metal polishing, satin finishing, buffing and mirror finishing machines with applications in many metal finishing sectors.


Development, design and manufacturing of professional flexible abrasive and surface finishing technology for modern trade and general trade. BTX target is to offer an economic and efficient surface finishing systems through a combination of tools, abrasives and expert knowledge.

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