DUST EXTRACTOR AS400 NS Maquinas 400 V. 4 kW. 5 HP.



Dust Extractor AS400 NS Maquinas SPEC 400 V. 4 kW. 5 HP. Weight 470 kg. 2900 RPM Dimension 1200x1100x2250 mm.


Dust Extractor AS400 NS Maquinas 

The AS400 dust extractor is the best solution for a clean machine and work environment because of its high filtering rate and capacity.

Due to the six high efficiency cartridges, combined with an efficient design, this system is perfect to keep the finishing and deburring machine clean and also to prevent the release of any dust in the work place.

This extractor features an automatic system to clean the filters with compressed air.

AS400 was thought for a perfect integration with NS Máquinas deburring and finishing machines.

Brand : NS Maquinas

Model : AS400

Detail : Dust Extractor

Spec : 400 V. 4 kW. 5 HP.

RPM : 2900 RPM

Dimension : Width 1200 x Length 1100 x Height 2250 mm.

Weight :  470 kg.

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